We will help you import the best from China back home to you. 

Factory Inspection

Factory Inspection as Needed

Rigorous factory controls

Chinese economy is not as transparent as European economies. It is very important to get to know their provider before collaboration starts.


We offer factory inspections as required:

  • general information about the provider
  • review of plant facilities and machinery
  • quality
  • social responsibility
  • R & D capabilities.

We are the customer's eyes on the Chinese market. We are also the customer's ears, and physical presence at the manufacturing site.

Chinese culture differ in many ways from Western. Physical presence and social contact is in China, in many cases relatively more important than in Europe. Customers with or without previous experience of purchasing from China have often heard or actual victims of failed purchases, or purchases with complications. This may be due to supplier's lack of experience with European customers, but also, or perhaps even more likely because the two parties misunderstood each other.

  • Vi find reputed Chinese factories for your product.
  • Direct link to the factory.
  • Transfer to Chinese manufacture of new products.
  • Follow-up, delivery and management.