We will help you import the best from China back home to you. 

Product sourcing

Smart product sourcing in China

Cost effective quality

MMCIS ensures that the manufacturing and importing process from China to Europe, and worldwide, becomes easy and efficient.

The sourcing processes for re-manufacturing or production of existing products in China are complex with many pitfalls. We make sure you avoid them, and make it easy for you. We help you with product sourcing in China in a productive and cost effective manner. Our sourcing services include the whole process from product concept to delivery to your warehouse including several quality controls, marketing and more. We adapt to your needs. With us you have all possibilities for making good business.

After we receive requirements from you, we seek up the best factories for your needs and connect you directly with the factory. Then we visit the factories together for Q&A, checking manufacturing process and quality.
The advantages of working directly with the factory are that you get close to production and can supervise the entire production process. Which results in lower costs, higher quality of your product and you can quickly make necessary adjustments in the design, quality, labeling and packaging.