Import Products from China on your own terms.
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need?

What do I need to start importing from China?

  1. You need to know what type of product(s) you are interested in.
  2. Number of products you're interested in.
  3. What quality you want.
  4. What price you are willing to pay in China, the margins you expect?

How to order?

How does the ordering process at MMCIS look like?

This is an overview of the ordering process at MMCIS. Note that some steps may be added or skipped depending on customer requirements, product and supplier.

Preliminary negotiations

  1. You, the customer, contact MMCIS by attaching an inquiry, call or e-mail with product specification and of all the information needed to manufacture a product or search for a suitable supplier.
  2. You pay a small sum, from 50 euro depending on your order, to MMCIS for us to start our work. The amount depends on demand and is drawn from the total order value of the balance. The payment is non-refundable if no order is made.
  3. We will contact the existing supplier / factory, or locate a new supplier / factory, and ask for quotation
  4. We are negotiating with volume supplier / factory
  5. We attach pro-form quotation to you as a customer
  6. As a customer, say yes / no to the offer we leave you.

Ordering Process

  1. If you accept the offer we’ll place an order with the supplier, who will start production after 30% of the order is paid by you.
  2. The supplier receives payment 2-5 days after payment from your bank account
  3. We will return to the supplier and initiates further price and volume negotiations
  4. We will notify you if the supplier accepted as price or volume reduction


  1. The supplier manufactures any tools to meet product specifications
  2. Supplier begins production and return with comments and questions, if necessary.
  3. MMCIS do several quality controls if it is ordered. Everybody does however. The quality control ensures that the customer will not be deceived and the customers get the quality he has ordered.

Delivery and Time

  1. Supplier pack and we have quality control in factories then shipped the goods to our warehouse (in some cases goods are sent directly to customers in Sweden).
  2. We quality check the goods at the port (we quality check the goods at the factory before loading at factory)
  3. If the goods pass quality control the container(s) will be shipped to the customer
  4. You can redeem the goods at a local post office or other shippers 4-15 business days later. Payment of VAT and duty is often done in advance before delivery (if you have not registered with Customs for credit)
  5. Alternatively, we handle all administrative work and you receive the goods directly to your warehouse.

What to import?

What can I import from China?

What is most suitable to source from China depends on many factors, but toys, household items, tools, pet food, candy, chemicals, engineering products, manufactured goods, furniture, raw materials are common to import. But it is important to know that it is not possible to import products with established brands, branded products, without license. It is illegal. Consumer electronics are also products that should be avoided to import. This is because the margins are too small and that Chinese factories can be difficult to maintain the high standards we have in Europe, in the sense you are not a major player.

Which products should I import?

There are many different possibilities for the same type of product.

OEM products

  • Your own product
    - Products designed by you and manufactured based on your own specifications
    here you get the product exactly as you want to be a higher price and a longer production
  • No-name products
    - Products of non-branded
    - Many products are not vulnerable to being "generic"
    - It is also easy to repackage the product of your choice
  • Products with local brands
    - The factory's own brand
    - Can usually be launched quickly to a Western market as a new product is faster and easier against if you choose to develop an OEM product

How much to import?

How much should I import?

At first it's a good idea to start importing in a smaller scale. There are still opportunities for good margins. Usually we ship up to three different containers, see below. We'll help you calculate how many products will fit in your container.

  • 1st Spread: 2 m, high: 2 m, length: 6 m
  • 2nd Spread: 2.5 m, high: 2 m, length: 6 m
  • 3rd Spread: 3 m, high: 2 m, length: 9 m

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