We will help you import the best from China back home to you. 


Import from China - It's personal

MMCIS, MM China Import Services, is a company with a broad spectrum of knowledge that helps companies of different sizes importing goods from several different markets and segments in China.

We provide personal and customized solutions for companies that are sourcing or having established their production in China. Our service reflects our customers' needs; our services include the entire production process from purchasing process to packaging, logistics and marketing. 

Our services

Purchase Assistance

Purchase Assistance

Purchase Assistance in China Import Service with Quality MMCIS ensures that the process becomes easy and efficient when you want to manufacture and...

Product sourcing

Smart product sourcing in China Cost effective quality MMCIS ensures that the manufacturing and importing process from China to Europe, and worldwide, becomes...


Marketing We Make you Visible MMCIS can provide professional Swedish graphic designers, photographers and marketers when importing products from China for creating marketing...

Factory Inspection

Factory Inspection as Needed Rigorous factory controls Chinese economy is not as transparent as European economies. It is very important to get to...

Quality Controls

Quality Controls, QC We Minimize Errors Anyone who has dealt with China knows that cheating in both production and the packing of containers...

Business Interpretation

Translation / Interpretation Without misunderstandings MMCIS offers a variety of translation and interpretation services.